Prerequisites: You will need a basic understanding of the Java call stack.

An exception is simply an abnormality of the code which disrupts the normal flow of execution of the program at runtime.

Normally if you don’t handle exceptions in a program, if the program finds an abnormality at runtime, it will completely stop the execution of the rest of the code. In a large-scale program, this will no be the ideal situation. Therefore, we need to handle these exceptions so that the rest of the code can execute without any interruptions even when there is an exception. …

Javascript is a single-threaded language which means it only has a single call stack and only one heap (don’t worry, let’s talk about these things in a short while). Therefore Javascript can’t do multiple operations at the same time which makes javascript synchronous and blocking. But this can be a terrible thing when we have to perform so many time-consuming API calls. In such scenarios, the beauty in Javascript is that even though, Javascript is synchronous, we can make Javascript behave asynchronously. Let’s see how we can do that.

To move forward, we need a basic understanding of the Javascript…

The leaders of organizations have to make important decisions daily to ensure the success and sustainability of their organizations. When doing so they tend to make decisions based on an analysis done using all sorts of data that are related to the organization without blindly making the decisions.

Nowadays organizations collect massive amounts of data and they are mostly not stored in a single repository. Therefore initially, we have to store all these scattered data in a single repository so that it will be more usable by the data analysts in preparing the analysis.

This is where we need Data…

Nipuni Yapa Rupasinghe

Software Engineering undergraduate @University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC)

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